What you don't see . . .

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Photos: 'Healing' Leaf-green tree frog 3-4cm long, 'I see butterflies' Paspalum grass flowers, 'Colourful rain gauge' Rain drops on a morning glory flower, 'Dreams' Neon cuckoo bee sleeping on a grass stork.


"How did you see that?", people exclaim, as they look at my macro photos or see something I have discovered in the bush. My cheeky reply is often the same. "I was looking!"

The tiny world, where much of nature lives, hides the unexpected and inspiring. Here are some of my favourite macro (close up) shots. Each shot tells a unique story of things and creatures you may easily miss.

As I take photography tours in my local bushland, here in Sydney, I teach people to look for small and seemingly insignificant things. Small things hold amazing stories, but you can't photograph what you don't see.

Please contact me if you are interested in prints of these or any other shots on my site stevepatersonphotography@gmail.com Visit my tours page for info on my personalised bushland photography tours.

Echidna encounter

It was a slow day. Like everyone, I was exhausted from 15 weeks of lockdown. I didn't feel like taking photos. I said a prayer that I would find something special and as I rounded the corner, I stopped in my tracks. I counted 1, 2, 3, echidnas!

In shock, I followed the three spiky, ant-loving, egg-laying, marsupials, trying not to scare them in my excitement. The two males, followed the female, in a special mating season conga! They stopped for ant and termite snacks then came over to say hello!

Unexpected encounters, like this, move me, shape me and change me. I hope you enjoy the photos in my collection, but more than that, I hope they inspire you to get out into nature and have special encounters of your own.






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"Thanks for a wonderful tour. You just can't beat local knowledge. I walked the same path two days prior to jumping on Steve's tour and saw a few birds. But Steve showed me what he has learned over the years and this is just one of the photos I walked away with. He's a nice guy to top  it all off!"


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