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My Story

I love nature and the many opportunities for discovery and learning, especially with a camera in my hand.


My life began in the kingdom of Nepal, high in the majestic Himalayan Mountains. There was life everywhere. Even the electricity poles would start to grow!

When I was seven, my family lived in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Years later, I worked at Cleland Wildlife, caring for koalas, running education sessions and leading night tours. I also worked in Bushcare and land management programs and grew native plants from seed I collected.


Anyone who gets close to nature is amazed. I believe it's part of God's incredible design and a place to find peace. When my family moved to Sydney ten years ago, Hunt's Creek became a haven for me. Since starting my photography business last year, has become my office! 


Thanks for visiting my website. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Cheers, Steve


Thanks! Message sent.

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