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In a fast-paced city like Sydney, there are surprising places of peace. Why not take some time out and discover nature thriving in the suburbs? You will even find it in your own back yard!

Whatever your level of photography, I will show you secret spots and give you tips, to get your best shots. Photography is not about your equipment, but about understanding light and developing your creativity. Bring whichever camera you like, from a smart phone to a DSLR.

With a background in environmental education, experience as a tour guide and a passion for photography, I love to help people discover the beauty that lies so close to home.

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The nature photography tour was fantastic for tips and advice on how to get the best creative shots from your camera on the nature walk. Learnt the best way to move my camera and body whilst taking shots of flora and fauna. Great thing to do on the weekend and get the kids into! Highly inspirational and relaxing.


Thanks for a wonderful tour. You just can't beat local knowledge. I walked the same path a few days prior to jumping on Steve's tour and saw a few birds. But Steve showed me what he has learned over the years and these are just a few of the photos I walked away with (see home page). He's a nice guy to top it all off!


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